Conservation Corner: Butterflies in our Garden

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Susan Bergen's Conservation Corner at March's monthly meeting featured butterflies that are common to southwestern Connecticut. They live in similar habitats but have different needs in terms of host and nectar plants. Some are active in early spring. Others make an appearance later in the summer. Most spend the winter right in our gardens as caterpillars or chrysalids. They are beautiful and fascinating. 
Take a look . . . how many different kinds will you see in your garden this season? 

Butterflies In Our Garden

Conservation Corner: Irwin Park Meadows

IPMeadowdisplayboardLast month's Conservation Corner presented the meadows at Irwin Park and how they offer a unique habitat in our wooded suburban town.  The meadows at Irwin are full of perennial and annual wildflowers, vines, shrubs and mature trees which are home to bees, butterflies, birds, reptiles and mammals. The display featured late summer and fall blooming plants and how they benefit wildlife.  

Click here to view the Irwin Park Meadows display boards.

Conservation Corner: Be Kind To Pollinators

Be Kind to Pollinators Exhibit-021At our annual meeting in June, our Conservation committee prepared a three-fold display with information on bees, butterflies and hummingbirds; native plants; and fruits and vegetable dependent on bees for pollination.  The presentation was fabulous and well-received by all -- in fact, the display was shared with the Stamford Garden Center in early September.  The committee also hopes to exhibit it at the New Canaan Nature Center on Earth Day next April.
Display by Conservation committee members Susan Bergen, Barb Schmidt and Alice Runnette.