Flowers on Wheels!

IMG 3453As a Provisional Member of the New Canaan Garden Club and a Board Member of New Canaan Meals on Wheels, Stephanie Radman initiated a new program which adds joy to the lives of some of our town’s residents through “Flowers on Wheels.” Twice a month from April through October, Meals on Wheels clients receive flowers from the gardens of Garden Club members that are arranged and delivered with the meals. According to Radman, “Meals on Wheels clients are delighted to receive our simple, but lovely floral gifts. This is a donation from our hearts that makes a difference to some of the individuals in our fabulous community.”
Meals on Wheels of New Canaan has been providing nutritious meals to town residents in need since 1972. Sometimes the only person that a client will see all day is the Meals on Wheels Driver. One client said “I love flowers and it makes me so happy to receive them. I take care of them so they last as long as possible.”
Flowers on Wheels is the New Canaan Garden Club’s latest civic commitment which includes maintaining Waveny Walled Garden, beautification projects in Irwin Park, and supporting conservation efforts in New Canaan. In addition, Garden Club members provide horticultural therapy at Waveny Care Center which, like Flowers on Wheels, brings flowers and plants to some of our residents who are not always able to enjoy New Canaan’s beautiful public spaces.

2017 Holiday Giving

At its December holiday party, the New Canaan Garden Club raised $3,000 which was donated to the Department of Health and Human Services for the town’s Food Pantry and Warm-Up Fund. The Food Pantry makes its largest distribution during the holidays with between 120 and 190 individuals accessing the food bank every two weeks. Many of the people who use the food bank also benefit from the Warm-Up Fund which helps with heating and shut off notices.
Continuing a long history of holiday civic projects, the New Canaan Garden Club also decorated trees for the town Holiday Stroll and assembled festive miniature arrangements for delivery through Meals on Wheels. The club worked with another organization to make large wreaths that decorated many of the town’s public buildings helping to create a cheerful atmosphere for residents and visitors.
NCGC Holiday Giving
From left to right: Catharine Sturgess, New Canaan Garden Club Holiday Stroll Chair, Carol McDonald, Director New Canaan Health and Human Services,
Ellen Zumbach, New Canaan Garden Club President, and
Kevin Moynihan, New Canaan First Selectman

2018 Flower Show Schedule

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Attached is the schedule for our spring 2018 Zone II Flower Show entitled "Iconic Style - A Design Legacy". Show will be held at the Carriage Barn Arts Center in Waveny Park on Wednesday, June 13th and Thursday, June 14th, 2018. It is open to the public at no charge. As described in the schedule's introduction, "Iconic Style - A Design Legacy" celebrates New Canaan's distinctive architecture, landscape architecture and open spaces. Known for its charming colonials, grand estates, mid-century moderns, vast open spaces and formal gardens, there is certainly a varied and unique array of "Iconic Styles" in New Canaan.  

Iconic Style Flower Show Schedule

Contaminated Milkweed Alert

monarch-butterflies-01-help.jpg.662x0 q70 crop-scalePlease read the attached letter from GCA committee chairs alerting us about contaminated milkweed and its toxic effects on monarch butterflies and other "pests".  We have been asked to take action to protect against this contamination.